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I am outgoing, personal, adventurous, and loud! I love meeting new people and creating new connections, especially when we're able to meet through similar interests/hobbies!
I am soon to be married to the most hard working and kind person I know, coming up august of 2024. And hopefully shortly after becoming a wife, I'll be blessed as a mother!
I have quite the list of hobbies, some that I've carried from my childhood into my adult years.
I grew up going to car shows (the good ones with the old classics) with my father and younger brother. I fell in love with the sounds of the engines and the perfect interior and exterior on most of these cars. My dad has his dream 98' WS6 that is still in pristine condition. (no snacks were ever aloud in this car) his love for muscle cars carried down to my brother and I. I bought my first Trans Am Dec. 26th 2020! And have been slowly restoring it since then. My dad and I shortly after traveled to Wisconsin the summer of 2021 to buy my brothers first car, a 1997 TA. We love going to car shows and car rides together, something we've been doing since we were knee high to a duck!
I also enjoy being crafty! I am a very hands on person. Whether its flipping furniture, sewing, painting, or renovating my home in someway. I love to create! I've got a vast amount of ideas and love to bring them to life.
I am also a big fan of Gods creation; nature. (minus the annoying bugs) I love to go camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, swimming, sit in the sun shine, create a garden, play outside with my dog, or having friends/family over for a bonfire.
I am family oriented, driven, friendly, eager to learn, organized, fun yet serious when needed.
Most importantly I make sure to put God first and thank him even when it might seem like life is upside down!


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